20 Agencies for Website Design in Singapore, Sorted by Region

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A shoddy layout, with inconsistent design and text strewn all over the screen. Missing, or indecipherable navigation buttons when accessed on smartphones. Or worse still, a website that takes eons to load, no matter if you’re on your desktop, tablet or phone. These are all nightmares of an eCommerce owner, or anybody who relies on websites for promotion or expression. Yet, these occurrences are widespread – with brands and individuals alike backed into a corner, unsure of what to do. So much effort has been put into your DIY website design already. What now?

With online content being so accessible in this digital revolution, it’s tempting to take a DIY approach towards website design and development. Outdated frameworks, insufficient knowledge and expertise, a limited sense of aesthetics and even excessively high image resolutions can contribute to a poorly made website. These are all risks of undertaking web design projects on your own, hiring a bad web design agency, rushing the web design process, or cramping a project with tight timelines.

Regardless of your choice of content management system solutions, such as a Shopify or WordPress website, professional web design is crucial to cement your online identity and make your offerings available to others. In this way, employing a web design company can be immensely helpful in making a quality website you and your users can enjoy without disruption.

Do I Really Need a Website Design Agency to Help Me with My Website?

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Professional web designers can help you meet your unique business goals in a variety of ways. Here are some features of proper website development that one can expect of established web design companies:

Portrays Professionalism

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Good web design and development companies are able to create websites that are appealing, engaging and relevant. These make for a lasting impression that can stay with your visitors and retain them for longer periods of time. Content arranged and organized coherently portrays professionalism and credibility, and reinforces your brand’s reputation. Detailed web developers may also take the chance to gain a thorough understanding of your brand’s vision, driving home your brand’s identity through an appropriate selection of colors, fonts and other visual elements.

Smooth User Experience (UX)

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Nothing screams brilliant web service like smooth user experience. Responsive web design is a huge influencing factor of your website’s bounce rate, which you want to keep at a minimum. According to Marketing Dive, a 2016 research by Google has shown that 53% of website visitors exit a page if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Experienced web design agencies also prioritize providing a smart and seamless user experience to visitors, which may include taking into account a website’s usability, content visibility and flow. If these are achieved, you should have a clear, intuitive and responsive website that users can easily navigate, engage and interact with.

Increased Optimization

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There is more to effective website design than its basic functionality. Web design services optimize the performance of a website to ensure it is accessible to both users and crawlers. Enhancing page speed by compressing images, reducing redirects, and doing some housekeeping with your website’s HTML are some methods to improve the optimization of your website. Additionally, some other website designers may go the extra mile by making the website usable by all users, including those with disabilities and impairments.

The refinements made in optimizing the architecture of your site can pave the way for more opportunities to further strengthen it. Many times, website design services partner up with digital marketing agencies to employ additional strategies to better your website’s ranking on search engine results pages. Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are just some ways in which increased optimization can help your website, in collaboration with other digital marketing solutions.

Easier Management and Maintenance

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Creating or overhauling your website is not a one-off solution. Your website requires maintenance in order to sustain its performance, and adjustments may be necessary to keep it current, compatible and secure. With robust website support, you can track your website’s analytics and make continual upgrades to remain valuable and competitive in your industry. 

At the same time, you can safeguard your data in the event of any issues, and remove outdated content and supply it with fresh ones. This makes website maintenance just as vital as its initial fix, with an impact that could lead to more room for growth and transformation.

Some of the Best Web Design Agencies, Sorted by Region

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Dozens of web designers in Singapore have formulated their own creative digital solutions for businesses to attain greater success, but in this grand search, where does one start? Whether you are intending to give your eCommerce website a boost, enhance your resource hub, beautify your own portfolio or bolster your branding for your brick-and-mortar store, we have a collection of web design agencies that could help you make that leap of progress. Here, we even categorize them by region – so that you find a web design company that satisfies your requirements, and is convenient and close to you to boot.


eFusion Technology

eFusion Technology is a well-known website designer in Singapore with over 10 years of experience. With services ranging from website development, design, and maintenance to various content management systems (CMS), payment integration and other custom applications, they provide comprehensive services easily applicable to many brands and businesses in Singapore. 

It is worth noting that they are an award-winning agency, having clinched the Singapore SME 500 Award in 2022 and a Gold for the SWAS Excellence Star Awards (SESA) as a Digital Transformation Advocate. eFusion Technology’s portfolio is expansive, with clients in B2B, education, F&B, electronics and more.

Website: https://www.efusiontech.com/

Contact: contact@efusiontech.com, +65 6292 3086, +65 6291 3382

Address: 321A Beach Road, Singapore 199557

Hunters Digital Pte Ltd

Hunters Digital is a top website development agency that doubles as a mobile app development company. Offering curated packages that cater to eCommerce, SMEs, MNCs and more, they follow a precise website design process that entails detailed consultations, project onboarding, research and development to help you take a closer look at your competitors and get ahead of the game. 

With Hunter Digital’s all-encompassing website design packages at transparent pricing structures, visitors of your website can expect easier navigation, information architecture and distinctive visual identity beyond functionality.

Website: https://huntersdigital.com/

Contact: contact@huntersdigital.com, +65 8793 7868

Address: 22, Sin Ming Lane, #06-76, Midview City, Singapore 573969

Verz Design

You can find truly unique website designs with Verz Design, a company that believes in equipping businesses with novel and distinctive designs to showcase their authentic flair with originality. Possessing an impressive performance history and 4.7 stars on Google Reviews, plus over 4,000 satisfied multinational corporation (MNC) and small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) clients, Verz Design is staffed with a large team of 180 employees and above, promising you that they have all the personnel for your doubts to be clarified and ideals met. 

Some familiar brands that have entrusted Verz Design to their websites include 4Fingers Crispy Chicken, Bloomberg, CapitaLand and Courts.

Website: https://www.verzdesign.com/

Contact: enquiry@verzdesign.com, +65 6841 1680

Address: 56 Kallang Pudding Road, #07-05/06, HH@Kallang Singapore 349328


Webpuppies has over two decades of experience in web design, mobile app development, system integration, software development, IT consulting and more. Having extended their presence across borders, they have worked with more than 20 countries spanning over 3,000 projects and 1,200 clients. With a proven track record consisting of brands such as BreadTalk, Food Republic, M1, SG Enable and Quadmark, businesses can check out meticulously detailed case studies on their website to get a gauge of their scope and standard. 

Webpuppies also tout their services as end-to-end, meaning you can trust them to see the project through to the best of their abilities, using the most effective technologies and rigorous strategies, and utmost creativity.

Website: https://webpuppies.com.sg/

Contact: contact@webpuppies.com.sg, +65 6741 1708

Address: 7 Temasek Boulevard, #12-07 Suntec Tower One, Singapore 038987



Mentioning products and services can bring certain brands and personalities to mind, and that is what every business owner would like to achieve with their own companies. Lemonade is capable of enforcing that memorability with skilful website design, helping you score returning visitors through positive browsing experiences and professional-grade content. 

They pride themselves on formulating and implementing tested design systems made to satisfy in aesthetics and user experience, supported by a boost in visibility, security and speed. Furthermore, business owners can benefit from an intuitive analytics dashboard, where they can view data to generate reports for future initiatives and growth.

Website: https://lemonade-it.com/

Contact: askus@lemonade-it.com, +65 3158 3831

Address: 12 Woodlands Square, Woodsquare Tower 1, #04-84, Singapore 737715

Calvin Seng

Navigating the digital landscape can be tricky and even intimidating for many business owners, as the Internet has a profound impact on how businesses operate. As a mobile app development and web development company, creating your own website with Calvin Seng becomes less daunting – backed by extensive experience in utilizing innovative and robust tools to help you simplify and streamline your work, website functions and data. 

Transform your website into one that’s fast, mobile-friendly, protected and even automated. They also have a wide range of features for online services, especially favorable for eCommerce businesses to integrate into their technological strategies.

Website: https://calvinseng.com/

Contact: +65 9234 8807

Address: 11 Woodlands Drive 72, #07-35 Singapore 738094

BrandReach Online

BrandReach Online has assisted many businesses in showcasing their best working profile with purposeful websites. These website designs are derived from intensive research and evaluations, resulting in intentional and well-organized compositions that prompt users to act, from signing up to getting a quote and finalizing a purchase. Also adept at fostering lasting impressions, you can count on BrandReach Online to come up with curated and clear landing pages that drive your customers to convert. If you’re looking for a website that’s straightforward, efficient and clutter-free, this is the web design company to approach.

Website: https://www.sgbrandreach.com/

Contact: enquiry@sgbrandreach.com, +65 8555 5423

Address: 5008 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, #04-09, Techplace II, Singapore 569874

Oasis Web Asia

Oasis Web Asia adopts a three-pronged strategy towards helping brands achieve successful digital transformation – namely web design, web development and mobile app development. With effective optimization tactics in place, brands who choose to engage in their web development and design services can attain superior usability in the form of responsiveness, consistency and simplicity. This makes any visitor’s exploration of the website clear and logical, bringing them to where they want smoothly and intuitively. But of course, that doesn’t mean your website has to suffer bare-bones or minimal aesthetics – they have been known to include engaging and attractive visuals that capture the attention of your site visitors. 

Find familiar brands such as Hitachi Asia, Shatec, The Cocoa Trees and more in their impressive portfolio.

Website: https://www.oasiswebasia.com/

Contact: enquiry@oasiswebasia.com, +65 9199 7200

Address: The Workshop 5008 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, #04-09, TechPlace II Singapore 569874


SleekDigital lives up to its name of offering sleek web designs and sophisticated web development practices that stand the test of time. Implementing thorough processes that look into the characteristics and behavior of your users, they personalize solutions to grant you an effective platform for telling stories and demonstrating your identity and value as a brand. Being the first point of contact for most customers, this can lay the groundwork for phenomenal benefits in brand awareness and lead opportunities. Once you’re past that point, there is still more to discover, from features that enhance your business operations to other custom solutions that address the needs of your users.

Website: https://www.sleekdigital.sg/

Contact: enquiry@sleekdigital.sg

Address: TechPlace II, 5008 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, #04-09, Singapore 569874


iCreationsLab is a web design agency that doesn’t skip over the fundamentals. Proclaiming their services to meet industry standards, the team behind iCreationsLab sees remarkable importance in making managing websites accessible to people from all walks of life, including those with limited technical expertise. The user-friendly aspect extends to both visitors and website owners for them, and their attention to your business objectives suggest that they are capable of striking a good balance between your ideals and a design that works. 

Their specializations include the likes of website development, eCommerce, website application, web and security maintenance, domain and hosting, and others.

Website: https://icreationslab.com/

Contact: enquiry@icreationslab.com, +65 6269 9558

Address: 190 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, #06-03, Woodlands BizHub, Singapore 757516



Novage is a leading web developer with an aim to deliver services that leave lasting and significant effects. Fuelled by a passionate local team with each member having accumulated expansive proficiency and practice, they are able to conceptualize powerful and idiosyncratic strategies tailored to a diverse range of businesses. 

Without neglecting the basics, Novage can also help your website put on a user-centered design that provides a seamless experience to your audience. Better yet, Novage’s clear pricing structures allow you to set realistic expectations in accordance to your project timeline, making way for measurable results and maximizing performance management.

Website: https://novage.com.sg/

Contact: info@accessdesires.com, +65 8756 2812

Address: The Commerze @ Irving 1 Irving Place, #09-01, Singapore 369546

Mapletree Media

Custom web development solutions can positively influence businesses if they align with the brand’s personality. If you’re looking for a company website design that speaks to your target audience with your brand’s essence at heart, consider enlisting the help of Mapletree Media. Assuring modern appearances with clean user interface (UI) designs, your website can be on the receiving end of a polished facelift in addition to clear calls-to-action (CTAs) and low-maintenance features. It will also be embedded with interactive elements that make your website stand out among competitors, establishing your strong and compelling presence in the field. Here’s to achieving functionality, scalability and individuality all at once.

Website: https://mapletreemedia.com/

Contact: hello@mapletreemedia.com, +65 9627 6717

Address: 1 Irving Place The Commerze @ Irving, #08-01, Singapore 369546


Exabytes offers more than a platform for your products or services. Empowering your brand to forge meaningful connections, this web design company critically evaluates your brand’s distinct identity before creating a website that reflects your unique flair. These designs are not only user-friendly but also highly customizable, ensuring management and compatibility across devices of all kinds. Plus, Exabytes’ inclusion of search engine optimization strategies enhances your brand’s online visibility, driving greater organic traffic to your web pages.

Website: https://www.exabytes.sg/

Contact: support@exabytes.sg, +65 6727 2277

Address: 140 Paya Lebar Road, #08-02, AZ @ Paya Lebar, Singapore 409015


Founded in 2006, Above1 combines the art of website design and eCommerce development with other digital marketing efforts. A major contender among Shopify agencies, their focus on the content management system has helped many businesses accelerate their growth, from corporate web design to maintenance, social media marketing and more. 

Find out how you can stimulate the interest of and win over local and international clients with Above1. With trailblazers such as Frasers Hospitality, Keppel Sea Scan and ComfortDelGro Rent-A-Car as part of their clientele, you can anticipate nothing short of the best from such a reputable and seasoned web design agency.

Website: https://www.above1.com/

Contact: sales@above1.com, +65 6634 6276

Address: 1A Kaki Bukit Road 3, East Point Terrace, Singapore 417821

MediaPlus Digital

Wanting your web development efforts to produce tangible results is completely normal, but not every company can give you just that. With an all-hands-onboard approach, MediaPlus Digital dispatches their sizable and masterful team to assist businesses in achieving high Return on Investment (ROI). From bringing your brand to life with valuable media, to hammering home positive impressions beyond surface-level attributes, your business can experience perks like better connections with audiences and increased user engagement that translate into yields. 

Get support from a full in-house team spanning web designers, programmers, graphic designers and more to make your business dreams come true with MediaPlus Digital.

Website: https://mediaplus.com.sg/

Contact: wow@mediaplus.com.sg, +65 6816 3168

Address: 10 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4, #05-65 Premier @ Kaki Bukit, Singapore 415874

24K Designs

24K Designs is a Singapore web design and development company that has worked with clients across countless industries. From Arts and Entertainment, Beauty and eCommerce, to Education, Real Estate, Logistics and more, their portfolio includes notable names such as Hwa Chong International School, Kikkoman Asia as well as Chevrons and Daikin

Offering services for your digital needs all across the board, 24 Designs is the go-to destination for businesses committed to giving their digital transformation a calculated shot. Upgrade your content, achieve seamless navigation and put on a refreshing look your customers can’t turn away from with smart, stylish and deliberate designs.

Website: https://www.24k.com.sg/

Contact: info@24k.com.sg, +65 6844 0132

Address: 61 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Tat Wan Building #05-02, Singapore 534816


iPixel Creative

Website developers at iPixel Creative specialize in providing brands with the ultimate tool kit containing strategies that resonate with their audiences and stimulate profitable growth. Departing from run-of-the-mill templates that are dull, lifeless and unimaginative, iPixel Creative embraces non-standard requests to reflect your brand with a spark and bring it to life. 

From responsive layouts to fast and effective user experiences, iPixel Creative is your gateway to innovative digital solutions. Experience positive feedback, increased conversions, reduced bounce rates and a pronounced brand identity with an experienced web designer today.

Website: https://www.ipixel.com.sg/

Contact: enquiry@ipixel.com.sg

Address: 22 New Industrial Road, #06-11 Primax, Singapore 536208

Hei Web Creations

Whether you are building a corporate website, eCommerce website, web portal or others, Hei Web Creations is a web design company that can help to connect you with your demographic of choice. Their website development framework incorporates various digital marketing methods that add value beyond basic design, and work to produce results presented in the form of lead conversions, sales and traffic. 

Hei Web Creations’ affordable prices also make their web design services cost-effective as a one-stop destination for businesses to achieve significant and long-term results.

Website: https://heiwebcreations.com/

Contact: hello@heiwebcreations.com, +65 9119 0760

Address: 21 Bukit Batok Crescent #11-84, Wcega Tower, Singapore 658065

Webstergy Pte Ltd

Webstergy can intensely modify the trajectory of your business with a website revamp that elevates your virtual presence. Their tailored web design solutions are made to be user-centric – that is, to put in place practical and reliable features to complement your customers’ browsing experience and to make your website run as smoothly as possible, while capturing the soul of your brand with stunning and authentic visuals. Whether you’re an SME or MNC, their development team is capable of helping you achieve new heights in engagement, retention and rapport. With them, your new website can do so much more.

Website: https://www.webstergy.com/

Contact: sales@webstergy.com, +65 9866 1604

Address: Webstergy Pte. Ltd, Choa Chu Kang Crescent, Singapore 344223


Ambient may be one of the younger website designing agencies out there, but their attention to detail in customer service, website design process and all in all, marketing solutions make them a highly acclaimed company with an outstanding clientele. From Nanyang Technological University, Omron, Great Eastern to W Eye Clinic, it is obvious that Ambient frequently collaborates with industry leaders to help their businesses flourish with a combination of creativity and expertise. 

Identifying and understanding what your business requires, they strategize and strive for perfection with you to solve existing problems, circumvent future ones and refining what currently works for you.

Website: https://ambient.sg/

Contact: hello@ambient.sg, +65 9829 2848

Address: 2 Venture Drive, #15-06, Singapore 608528


A great number of web design firms proliferate Singapore’s creative market to offer brands in Singapore innovative and statistically guided strategies. Helping to attain business growth, choosing the right fit among our list of some of the best web design companies can not only help you create websites that are beautiful and functional, but also rank better on search engines, garner visibility and influence conversions. Whether you’re supplementing your digital marketing campaigns, or experimenting with a new business idea, your ideal website design and development service is here. Turn your visions into reality and head towards the direction of your dream website today.

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