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2798% increased in organic traffic

How we helped our client ranked Position 1 in less than 3 months

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The Client

  • The client is in the education industry, providing tuition classes from primary school to junior colleges.
  • They approached us to help them gain organic traffic and maximize visibility in the competitive space
  • Client’s goal is to rank relevant keywords such as “IP math tuition” and “H2 physics tuition”.
client GSC data

Some issues we found

  • Client’s website has a slow page speed score. Visitors were experiencing more than 3 seconds of loading time. This poorly affected the user experience as data showed visitors tend to bounce out within a few seconds.
  • There were many improper headings and empty meta descriptions in the entire site. This affected the Click-through rate (CTR) when audience were searching their services in Google as they were not able to see the correct snippets in the SERP.
  • Many thin content pages were found with dummy URLS indexed by Google (demo blog, Helloworld, etc).
  • Schema/structured data not optimized on certain pages.
  • Domain were not secured and was still running on HTTP.
  • Website has no relevant keywords that depict their services such as tuition centre, economics tuition, and more.
  • Intrusive pop-ups (business’ updates) were appearing on every page, which were distracting for visitors and affected UX.

Our Strategy & Execution

Page Speed Optimization

On average, a page load speed of 5 seconds has an impact of 22.2% bounce rate. If it were to be reduced to less than 2 seconds, the bounce rate will be reduced to less than 9%. Through the use of resource caching, content delivery network and render-blocking elimination, we were able to improve the page load speed from 5 secs to 1.89 secs.


Technical Audit

In this stage, we implemented a deep and thorough Site crawl to identify critical problems which were affecting the page’s ranking capability. We discovered our client’s website had multiple pages with lengthy URLs, broken images, 404 pages and more.

As a result, we spent the first 1.5 weeks checking every page, inputting proper headings, removing or redirecting 404 pages, shortening URLs and applying working images for the website. We also crafted attention-grabbing meta-descriptions for client’s approval before implementation.

Ahrefs audit score 1 comp

Integral Learning Metas

Site Architecture Planning

With only few pages live on the website, we knew we needed to expand the site’s size through careful planning of its conversion funnel. Regardless of searchers looking for secondary or JC tuition class services, they would all be directed to the same single service page. This caused searchers to scroll through the long page, below the fold, and find the appropriate section, which badly impacted the users’ browsing experience. 

We strategized to drive potential audience into its specific services pages so that the pages are highly relevant to their search intent, giving them fast and targeted result. 

Here’s the initial site structured visualized:

Crawl map old

During the next few weeks, we consulted the client and proceeded to design multiple landing pages with proper description of their services. As a result of this expansion, our client was able to rank the proper bottom funnel keywords and drive conversions in the later stage.

Crawl map new

However, the additional pages were causing some URLs to be placed on deeper level. They were not on a flat site architecture and could only be reached with more than 3 clicks. We fixed this issue by analyzing the website crawl depth and inserting breadcrumbs in those pages. This allowed visitors to navigate the services pages with ease.

Site depth

Keyword Research & Content Strategy

As content pages were lacking in client’s website, we started to conduct industry research to understand its potential audience’s personas. We began by performing competitive analysis to understand what were the current keyword gaps our client was having. We then proceeded with keyword groupings for different audience in accordance to the conversion funnel’s stages.

With the information we needed, our writers planned out the editorial calendar. We scheduled quality content pieces to be written, vet, approved and published to the website’s resources and blog section. Our team researched related questions and semantic keywords to the content topic and included images with the proper Alt tags and Titles.

Content sample

After a few weeks of indexation by Google’s crawlers, our client’s website started to rank organically on first page of Google Search. Eventually, there were more than 10 high-volume keywords rising to Position 1 and some appearing as Rich Snippets as intended. These pages drove a large amount of traffic into the client’s websites including their services pages.

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Google Position


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