20 Best Online Shopping Platforms In Singapore

With the rising consumers’ demand for convenience, many Singaporeans have turned to online shopping sites to satisfy their buying needs. In fact, according to Statista, the revenue in Singapore’s E-commerce market is forecasted to reach USD 2,793 million (approximately SGD 3,713 million) in 2021.

Online shop statista

Source: Statista

So why are there more people in Singapore embracing online shopping markets?

One of the most popular reasons is the convenience that people enjoy as compared to purchasing in physical retail stores. With online shopping platforms like Lazada and Shopee, visitors get to browse products any time, 24/7. Online buyers can also have the convenience of finding most of their items in one stop and save them time.

With online shopping, buyers also get to compare product prices between different shops within the platform. For the more “hardworking” shoppers, they may even do the comparison between platforms and buy items with the best prices. Singaporeans can also enjoy mostly excellent customer service through the online shopping platform’s live chat.

Another reason why people prefer online shopping is the attractive seasonal promotions and sales that the online platforms offer. Big sales like Black Friday, 11.11, and Cyber Monday, online shoppers love these events as products’ prices can drop drastically for a limited amount of time.

Online Shopping Sites in Singapore

With so many reasons to shop online, it is hard to ignore the rising trend of online shopping in Singapore. If you want to get the best online shopping deals, here are the Top 20 online shopping sites you should shop at!

1. Lazada


Lazada is a well-known household name in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries. You can find almost any products you need on this online shopping platform: electronics, fashion clothing, TV, furniture, babies’ toys, beauty, accessories, and more. Started in 2012, it quickly rose to popularity with its “2-days guaranteed delivery”.

Despite facing difficulty where customers prefer brick and mortar in 2015, Alibaba Group acquired Lazada and became the largest e-commerce operator in Southeast Asia 3 years later.

With seasonal sales popping up every couple of months, you can even find top brands products at a discounted price with speedy delivery at your doorstep. Lazada is one of the best “one-stop” online shopping platforms in Singapore.

2. Shopee


A younger e-commerce platform compared to Lazada, Shopee started in Singapore in 2015. With its aggressive marketing advertisements, Shopee was able to expand to other Southeast Asia countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, and more.

Similar to Lazada, Shopee has a large range of products that satisfy your buying needs. If you’re unsure of the quality and trustworthiness of a certain seller, Shopee shows the number of times the item has been sold before. There is also a review and feedback segment in every product for you to browse and check on the seller’s rating. This way, online buyers can know which sellers are the best to purchase from.

Shopee also offers fast delivery, which usually takes 2 to 3 days for local items to be sent to your doorstep or letterbox.

3. Qoo10


Formerly known as GMarket, Qoo10 is considered one of the oldest online shopping sites in Singapore that visitors feel familiar to shop at. Similar to both Lazada and Shopee, Qoo10’s sellers feature a wide collection of local and international products for shoppers to take their pick.

While the prices of items are competitive, Singaporeans like Qoo10 for its in-house delivery service, Qxpress. It is considered one of the affordable and best door-to-door delivery services in the online market.

It also seems that Qoo10 focuses on clothing and fashion more than other platforms. Many small to medium enterprises prefer to feature their clothing items such as dresses, bags, wallets, accessories With its many features and benefits, Singaporean find it hard to resist shopping for its quality products.

4. Redmart


Tired of shopping for your grocery in supermarkets? Redmart is the solution to your woes.

Founded in 2011, Redmart served as an online supermarket where people can buy grocery and home essentials and get them delivered to your home. Unlike regular brick-and-mortar supermarkets, Redmart helps food producers, suppliers, and manufacturers to reach out to people without going through retailers. This is why you will tend to see products in Redmart tend to be cheaper.

Online buyers can also get to pick their preferred timeslot for the items to be shipped to your home. This enables lots of flexibility and convenience which may be the reason why it is one of the most popular online supermarket shops in Singapore.

Currently, Redmart is acquired by Lazada Group.

5. Amazon


The powerhouse of all e-commerce sites in the world. Being one of the Big 5 companies in the United States, Amazon finally expanded to Southeast Asia including Singapore. The online shopping site features products of most international brands including fashion, beauty, books, software, consumer electronics, health, gaming, musical instruments, and more. The possibilities are indeed endless.

Can’t get enough of it? Well, Amazon offers a paid subscription program that provides even more benefits: Amazon Prime.

At just SGD2.99 monthly, you’ll get free and speedy delivery (international and domestic) with no minimum purchase. You’ll also get early access to some of the best deals and new arrivals Amazon has to offer.

With so many features and convenience, Amazon beats shopping at a retail store in Singapore.

6. iShop Changi

iShop Changi

Looking to shop duty-free items without flying? iShop Changi offers tax and duty-free products at your convenience.

Unlike online shopping sites such as Lazada and Shopee, iShop Changi features brands that are usually well-known among consumers. This includes luxury products such as Chanel, Dior, Dyson, SK-II, and more.

iShop Changi also offers a specialized concierge service that connects with you and provides assistance for your online shopping needs. For example, you can chat with the concierge and request a certain item, the concierge will prepare and deliver it to your home.

There are also Changi Rewards Points where you can accumulate and use them to offset your online purchases. Additionally, iShop Changi offers 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason.

7. Tangs Online


The popular department store located in Orchard Road, Singapore has been around since 1932. Many Singaporean would have visited the building that oozes ancient traditional Chinese architecture.

Now, Tangs have evolved much and launched their online shopping platform that features products of many well-known brands of women and men fashion, baby products, beauty, kitchenware, and more.

Similar to iShop, Tangs online consists of quality brands that are well-known among Singaporean buyers. Every year, Tangs will also launch their “Member’s day” promotion where most of the best products will be discounted and come with additional perks that are exclusive only to Tangs’ members.

If you’re looking for well-known brands at a good price offer, be sure to check out Tangs online for your online shopping needs.

8. EZbuy


Formerly known as “65daigo”, EZbuy was launched from the increasing demand for e-commerce services in Singapore. EZbuy features products mainly from China’s powerhouse e-commerce “Taobao” where many local and foreign merchants would showcase their best products on the platform.

Similar to Lazada, you can find almost anything you need in EZbuy: bags, home appliances, beauty, fashion, groceries, watches, pets supplies, etc. There is a whole range of quality products to choose from and lots of deals to enjoy.

9. AliExpress


AliExpress was launched in 2010 by China’s Alibaba group. It features many products that are sold by small businesses in China and Singapore.

Being an international e-commerce platform, many consumers find their available products cheaper and comparable to eBay where prices may be too high. Despite most sellers and products are of Chinese origin, AliExpress solved this problem by having them shown in English which is the international language of the world. This helped to bridge the gap for foreigners to have a better online shopping experience.

You will find a wide collection of products that are on sale and sometimes with complimentary delivery benefits. As it directly connects Chinese businesses with customers, AliExpress distinguished itself from its counterpart “Taobao” where most visitors are Chinese.

10. Zalora


Are you looking for the hottest fashion trend in Singapore? Look no further, Zalora has all the fashion products to satisfy your shopping needs.

Founded in 2012, Zalora was launched in Singapore and quickly gained recognition in the Southeast Asian countries. Featuring a popular and trendy clothing style, the e-retailer offers prominent international brands such as Levi’s, Daniel Wellington, Kipling, Betsy, Axion, Aldo, Calvin Klein, Guess, and more.

It’s easy to register an account, just key in your email address, password some basic details and you can start to enjoy the online fashion shopping experience. Zalora also offers 30 days of free returns and free delivery above $50. So if you’re unsure of the fitting size of your favorite clothing top, you can always request a fuss-free return.

11. Reebonz


Do you want to start living a high life with a glamorous lifestyle? Try Reebonz, an online platform for luxury products.

Reebonz features large top designer brand collections like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Saint Laurent, Valentino Garavani, Fendi, and more. All of the branded products are suitable for both women and men. You can also find luxury accessories such as jewelry and watches.

Being a luxury marketplace, users can get new and used luxury products. Not only that, but they can also sell their used luxury products on the platform. Registration for membership is also free, so you can start to browse their products anytime you wish to.

12. Uniqlo


Uniqlo had a long history of being a clothing shop that started in 1949 in Japan. After decades of improvements and changes, Uniqlo mainly caters to buyers who prioritize comfort and casual clothing.

Well-known for their “Airism” technology, Uniqlo provides clothing that is extremely comfortable and lightweight for buyers. This works well in Singapore which is known for the humid and hot weather. They have also started expanding their Airism collection to pajamas bedding, kids, sports, and more. If you’re looking for the best work and office clothing, Uniqlo also provides comfortable workwear.

Despite having a casual fashion style, many visitors still love to shop at its retail and online platforms. Uniqlo’s online site offers free delivery to your home for orders above SGD 60.

13. Yes Style

Yes style

Yes Style is an online shopping store that sells Korean fashion for both men and women. They feature a range of Korean fashion collections such as accessories, tops, dress pieces, and more. Known for its stylish Asian fashion products, many people who are into the K-pop trend love to shop on the online shopping site.

With brands such as MRCYC, Besto, Real boy, Alvicio, Gerio, many people like to purchase from Yes Style and start dressing up fashionably. They also feature grooming products like facial toner, mask, eye cream, cleansing oil, and more.

The online platform offers customs-free and tax refunds for customers. There is also free shipping for purchases above SGD 80.

14. Kooding


If you still can’t get enough of Korean fashion for men and women, check out Kooding.

Kooding is also an online shopping platform that features Korean fashion and beauty products. They also have lifestyle products such as Yoga and pilates stretch loop straps, accessories, sticky memo dot, exfoliating towel, and even K-pop stars photo album like Baek Hyun, Monsta X, and more.

This is truly a heaven for K-pop fanatics who wish to dive into the fashionable and romantic lifestyle of Koreans.

15. Decathlon


If you are into sports and fitness, Decathlon is the best place for you to shop at.

Decathlon has large warehouse-like retail in Singapore that features a large collection of high-quality sporting equipment for home and outdoor. Fortunately, if you were ever lost in the retail store, Decathlon has launched its online shopping platform.

There are so many choices to get: bikes, ballet accessories, cross-training, yoga, ice skating, scooters, baseball, basketball, water sports, boxing, jiu-jitsu, archery, and more. The possibilities are endless.

For added convenience, Decathlon also offers free 2-hour click and collect where you can collect your purchased items in 2 hours. There is also free delivery for orders above $120.

16. JD Sports

JD sports

JD Sports is all about fitness and footwear with style. Featuring notable brands in the market: Nike, Adidas, Converse, Jordan, New Balance, Puma, Vans, and more.

Founded in 1981, JD Sports have been in the sporting market for a long time. Started in England, JD Sports have expanded to Europe, United States, Asia, Australia, and Singapore.

For both men and women, you can shop comfortably on the website and search for something that speaks your fashion. JD Sports also features accessories such as pouch bag, cap, socks, shoe freshener, hip pack, and more.

There is a 30 days free return and free delivery on their mobile app purchase.

17. Perromart


Do you have a furry pet that you wish to take good care of?

Perromart offers a large range of cat and dog products: dry and wet food, treats for training, chew toys, dental care, harness, leash, and more. If you’re a frequent buyer from Perromart, you can even join their Perro Club member where you can get discounts and rebates from your past purchases.

Their platform also allows users to leave reviews so that other buyers can check on certain products’ ratings and feedbacks before making a purchase. Simply register an account with your email address and you’re good to go. Perromart also usually give out free sample for your fur pet to try.

18. Kohepets


Similar to Perromart, Kohepets features a wide variety of pets’ supplies and accessories. They also offer important healthcare supplements for your pets to take regularly.

Although both platforms have been in the market for quite a long, some of the items could be only exclusively found on Kohepets. Depending on the pet owners’ preference, you may want to compare certain products’ prices and choices. Some of the products may also be more affordable than other physical pets retail shops. Fortunately, you will be able to find both cats’ and dogs’ necessities available on both platforms.

At the end of the day, your pet will surely love you more with your online purchases.

19. HipVan


With a 4.69 out of 5 stars review, HipVan is a place for you to shop for furniture.

HipVan features stylish and modern furniture such as sofas, dining tables, beds, mattresses, lightings kitchen, décor, kids’ furniture, and more. The intuitive website helps users to easily search for their preferred material, size, and type of furniture. There are many high-quality photos, dimensions, and even videos for buyers to visualize the product before making a sound purchase.

With only 1 showroom located at Kallang, buyers can make a trip down and have a look and feel before confirming their purchase.

20. Forty Two

Forty two

Solving the problem of a standard furniture showroom has limited space for placing furniture. Forty Two solved this problem by featuring thousands of items showcased on their website.

Similar to HipVan, Forty Two has many products that include interior design styles such as industrial, minimalist, contemporary, Hamptons, Pop, Scandinavian, and more.

Since there are no showrooms, Forty Two can offer better savings for products that could be much more expensive if bought in physical retail or showroom.

Forty Two also provides 100 day free returns and free delivery.

Final thoughts

With so many online shopping sites to go to, consumers have lots of control and choices at their fingertips. As the e-commerce market is booming, many sites will compete and throw in more benefits for buyers to enjoy and patronize their shops more. Additionally, better customer service for these platforms will be in demand as more consumers shop online.

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