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Problems you might be facing

Are you having trouble securing leads and closing sales for your business?

Have you been noticing thin traffic on your website, much less a lack of visitors who go through with your desired call to action (CTA), be it getting in touch, making a purchase, submitting an enquiry form or signing up for your newsletter?

Are you looking for a new, innovative and impactful marketing strategy that performs better than your traditional newspaper and radio advertisement?

If these questions have ever crossed your mind, Search Engine Marketing may be the best solution for you.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search engine marketing is a form of digital marketing that improves your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). This is usually achieved through the use of paid advertising.

The most popular SEM platforms are:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads


As there are around 4.3 billion Google users in the world, it is crucial for your business to consider using SEM as one of your digital marketing strategies. Compelling and effective use of this promotion technique can help your brand stand out from immense competition and saturation in your industry, granting you a favorable edge over competitors with cost-effective and purposeful exposure.

Breaking Down Search Engine Advertising & Display Advertising

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Digital marketing agencies typically offer two modes of Search Engine Marketing – Search Engine Advertising and Display Advertising. These strategies vary in how they are presented and can be chosen based on your demographic and its behaviors. Understanding how each of these strategies work can allow you to fully utilize every inch of ad space productively, capturing the interest of audiences and encouraging them to convert.

Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising produces paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages such as in Google or Bing. These ads come up when users search for keywords that match with the business or its products and services. Displaying ad text and elements like sitelink extensions, callouts, contact information and more, Search Engine Advertising or Search Ads can be highly informative and interactive in reaching audiences.

Display Advertising

Unlike most Search Engine Advertising campaigns, Display Advertising, or Display Ads, are more visual. Instead of being shown on search results, Display Advertising showcases ads on a network of websites like those part of the Google Display Network. They make use of media-rich and illustrative elements such as images, videos and banners and can be seen by targeted users who aren’t actively searching for any products and services. The kinds of sites they appear on are limitless, from news, blogs, to social media and others.

How Do I Know Which Is Right for My Business?

Both Search Engine Advertising and Display Advertising are robust digital marketing solutions capable of magnifying brand visibility, building brand awareness and driving traffic. However, coming to a conclusion on which works best for you requires thorough understanding of your target audience from deep research and analysis. It also entails careful consideration of your business goals and budget.

Miron Digital is equipped with some of the most professional and experienced SEM specialists to guide you in your decisions. Whether you are trying to engage a wider audience, or finding a way to prompt prospective customers to convert, we can help you evaluate your priorities and come up with a comprehensive marketing plan that’ll help you shine in both your industry and the marketing world. A customized SEM service awaits you with us.

What is Pay-per-click (PPC) in Google Ads?

Both Search Engine Advertising and Display Advertising use pay-per-click. An online advertising model where advertisers make a payment each time a user clicks on their ad, this online marketing strategy requires advertisers to bid for a placement on search engine results for specific keywords.

Here is an example of how it works.

Women boots ads with circles

Say a man is looking to buy a pair of dress shoes. The first thing one usually does is to head on to Google to search for the shoes he likes, which is what he does.

Here are the terms that he searches for: “Dress shoes for men”, “Best men dress shoes”, and even “leather dress shoes for men”.

This is where, as an advertiser, your ads for dress shoes will appear. If you are a shop selling these types of shoes using Google Ads to market your products, this is when the man will click on your ads to visit your website and check out your offerings. Ultimately, he’ll place an order and you’ve earned yourself a customer – but the payment fee is also charged to your account immediately at the cost assigned to the click.

Making sure your keywords align with your ads, and your products or services is tremendously important for targeted, relevant and efficient paid ads. It ensures that your ads resonate with your audience, addresses their needs and inspires them to convert.

Why do you need PPC now?

Did you know that people who click on ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase?

70% of the paid search market share belongs to Google and 65% of small medium businesses already have an existing PPC campaign.

If you’re not considering PPC as part of your marketing campaign, most of your competitors are likely already doing so.

As pay-per-click advertising such as Google Ads leverages search intent, people who click on your ads are already in the state of mind to make the transaction.

Can you imagine the amount of potential clients your SEM campaign can bring to your business, in the context of millions and billions of users on Google? This means a constant flow of valuable leads and profit opportunities that will never run dry.

Pay-per-click advertising is also a fast and value-for-money way for your company to gain visibility and awareness. It helps by driving relevant searches to your website quickly without having to do search engine optimization (SEO), which is longer in process and requires more time to produce results.

Google Ads also allow you to set a budget that you’re comfortable with. If you wish to lower your budget for a certain period, you can easily make amendments on your own.

This is also one of the strengths of PPC as it caters to differing spending plans for new and experienced business owners alike.

The other benefit of search engine marketing is that these paid search results also help to foster brand awareness in addition to improving your lead generation strategy.

In most cases, bidding keywords associated with your own brand name is usually cheaper and prevents other competitors from bidding on them. This can drive more traffic to your website at a lower cost, making for an economical internet marketing strategy with no drawbacks.

How does PPC work?

Whenever someone clicks on your PPC ads, you pay a fee. This amount depends on the competitiveness and difficulty of the keywords you are bidding for. The more difficult the keyword is, the more costly each click is.

To avoid spending too much money without visitors converting, it’s crucial to create an effective campaign strategy and plan thoroughly. Otherwise, you risk wasting money by spending on clicks that don’t turn into sales.

Determining the proper metrics, such as cost per acquisition (CPA) and ideal max cost per click, can help you zero in on a promising SEM campaign. This oftentimes requires the joint effort of business owners and digital marketing agencies, as gaining a truthful and in-depth understanding of the business and its profitability is necessary.

Digital marketing services will also need to collect sufficient data from the ad campaigns. This means the campaign data would have to be collected over a significant period of time to accurately gauge its efficacy.

Google’s Algorithm & How It Affects Rankings

As digital services reach new heights, machine learning continues to progress to refine the way we learn, work, and go about our lives. Now, search engine algorithms have the ability to detect poorly done SEM campaigns very quickly. If you are one of the unlucky ones, this could lead to your ad campaigns suffering lower ad ranks, reducing your visibility on search engines.

One of the contributing factors to a lower ad rank? Your paid ads’ quality score. This is a metric used by Google to rate the quality of SEM campaigns. It assesses your ads based on signs regarding your campaign’s click-through rate (CTR), relevance and user experience, among others. The higher your score, the better your positions are, the lower the costs are for each click.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to influence the quality score of your search ads, and one of them is to ensure the relevance of your landing page. Google’s sophisticated algorithm can identify how relevant the landing page is to the corresponding ad shown to searchers in search engines. Ads that are a definitive match to their search queries could facilitate higher content scores and thus, better ranking positions and exposure.

On the contrary, if they are not optimized properly, costs of these paid advertisements are likely to be pricier than your competitors’. Your return on ads spend (ROAS) will subsequently be negatively impacted, too.

How a Trustworthy SEM Agency Can Help Your Business Thrive

Getting a grasp on the severe implications that could result from ineffective and badly executed SEM campaigns are enough reason to convince you of entrusting your business’ digital marketing strategy to a professional. However, outsourcing SEM services can also reap remarkable rewards, especially if you are in the hands of one of the best SEM agencies in Singapore.

As a leading SEM agency, Miron Digital has the expertise and experience to help you and your business navigate the digital advertising landscape faultlessly. Being professionals with more than a decade’s practice, here are just some of the effects you can feel from collaborating with us for your paid advertising efforts:

Immediate & Increased Visibility

Unlike search engine optimization, which requires up to three months or more to take effect, SEM campaigns allow your ads to appear almost instantly on search engines like Google Search upon setup. The use of precise targeting with highly relevant keywords also means your brand is shown to those inclined to take action. This promises immediate results that deliver website traffic, potential leads and sales.

Measurable Goals & Results

Offering the liberty of monitoring and analyzing the progress of your SEM campaign in real time, this digital marketing strategy lets you set realistic and clear expectations based on data and trends. These insights make planning for your business trajectory easier, simplifying and streamlining figures to sharpen your marketing approach. In this way, a reliable SEM company can make performance and profitability much more achievable, helping you aim and score with ease and efficiency.

Maintained Effectiveness & Scalability

Conscientious digital marketers who consistently manage, adjust and upgrade SEM campaigns can help to keep up a steady stream of website traffic and profit opportunities. In addition, conversion tracking enables business owners and SEM specialists to monitor superior avenues for growth to boost the effectiveness of the brand’s current digital marketing initiatives. Especially when coupled with SEO campaigns that supply more footfall from organic search results, targeted ads not only offer stability in reaching the masses but also scalability, flexibility and agility to make more robust, relevant and competitive when necessary.

Are you looking for an SEM Agency in Singapore?

Having to pay search engines as part of your digital marketing strategy can seem like a great and daunting move. With so many search engine marketing (SEM) agencies in Singapore, how does one go about selecting a professional, dependable and results-driven SEM company?

It is best to begin your search by visiting more than one SEM agency in Singapore to get a feel of their campaign guidelines and working styles. Obtain information about their way of internal communication, their price estimating process, number of staff and more. The more understanding you have of the company and its processes and cultures, the better.

Additionally, make certain to check what separates them from other SEM companies. How large is their marketing agency? Based on the size of the team, what and how much experience do they collectively have?

You should also find out how many SEM experts they have on hand and if your advertising strategies would be handled by a senior professional. Being aware of their level of specialized knowledge related to your field can be beneficial to the overall success of your campaign.

Furthermore, aside from PPC, do they provide any other services such as SEO and Social Media Marketing? If they do, this gives you and your business a flexible portfolio of services to tap into, should you choose to extend your digital marketing solutions outside of the main SEM campaign.

With this range and depth of information to aid you in assessing the competence and mastery of various companies, you would gain a better perception to engage suitable services and skillful agencies in Singapore.