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Our Proven SEO Frameworks That Drive Results

Deep Keyword Research

We analyse your website and identify highly profitable & relevant keywords & phrases that people use to search in search engines. This research is used to optimize your website content and pages for the most relevant and high search volume keywords, in order to increase the website’s visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Technical Audit & Fix

We will evaluate your website’s technical issues & infrastructure and identify any issues that may be affecting its search engine visibility. Some processes include crawling your website to analyze site structure, meta data, analyzing server & hosting, mobile usability and responsiveness, ensuring Google Analytics & Search Console are setup correctly.

High-Quality Content

High-quality content is a crucial component of SEO as it helps search engines understand the relevance and value of a website’s pages. We will research based on your business & industry and write high-quality & relevant content such as copywriting, content rewrites, product/services descriptions, blog articles, and more.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization involves making changes to the content & HTML source code of a webpage to make it more attractive to search engines. Here, we’ll use relevant keywords on your page title, meta description, heading tags, alt tags, and more. We’ll also setup proper internal linking structure to ensure optimal results.

White-Hat Link Building

White-hat link building is a technique to acquire high-quality, relevant, and natural-looking backlinks. The goal is to increase the authority and credibility of your website in the eyes of search engines, which will improve its search engine rankings. With our proven process, we will help your website acquire high authority and safe backlinks.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis for SEO audit involves researching and analyzing the strategies and tactics of your competitors to gain insights into how to improve your own search engine rankings. We’ll identify what your competitors are doing well and find opportunities to improve your own website & SEO strategy ethically.

Our Achievements

We work closely with your brand to be your external digital marketing team. Through years of experience, we’ve developed processes that have helped many of our clients reach their goals.

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Our Amazing Clients


Why you should consider Miron Digital as your SEO agency?

Being a trusted and experienced SEO agency in Singapore, we understand the local market trends and demographics so that we can develop the most suitable marketing strategies for you.

As one of the best SEO company in Singapore, we adopt a data-driven approach and systematic framework in helping your website achieve maximum visibility in the search engines.

By taking the time to understand your business’ budget, long-term KPI and goals, we cater a custom-tailored SEO campaign strategy for you. With this success blueprint, we can help to scale your website and your business’ growth.

Here are some reasons why you should consider Miron Digital.

Guaranteed Results

At Miron Digital, we have heard many agencies using Google’s statement as an excuse to avoid responsibility in client’s work. As Google states nobody could guarantee keyword rankings, clients is not getting the promised value even after paying agencies for SEO work.

Here, we think this it is possible to guarantee SEO results. Our proven SEO framework has shown us many results in our clients. With us, you will notice first page rankings for your highly relevant and profitable keywords. If we are not able to achieve this criteria, we will keep working for free until this guarantee is met.

Dedicated Account manager

We understand our clients’ pain points and one of it is the busy schedule they tend to have. At Miron Digital, our SEO services ensure you will have a dedicated account manager that updates you on your SEO campaign progress such as tasks we have completed, your keyword ranking updates, performance reports, backlinks opportunities and more. With Miron Digital’s dedicated account manager, our clients do not have to worry and check in with us frequently.


Problems you might be facing

Are you searching for a legit and trusted SEO services here in Singapore?

Before we usually talk about finding suitable SEO agencies, there are few key things to consider:

  • Have you noticed your competitors’ websites appearing often on first page of Google’s search results?
  • Can you find your website showing on first page of search results for certain keywords?
  • As business owners, are you not seeing enough organic traffic to your website?

As one of the best SEO company in Singapore, these are common problems we hear frequently from our clients. Most people assume their websites naturally appear on the first page of Google without doing anything or consulting trusted SEO services.

This is a common myth as there are actually many complex SEO processes involved for websites to rank on first page of search results and gain visibility.

When using the right SEO strategy your business shows a high search engine result page. None of us want to run sites that are invisible to Google and your prospective customers. With SEO strategy like keyword research, content creation and implementation, and website optimization we will ensure that your business ranks high within your industry among your target audience. SEO is used in Singapore using best digital marketing techniques for any business. We are based on our expertise in our digital marketing skills and our expertise in the best of the digital age of digital marketing. We give the best technology on the web to boost search rankings.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is about improving a website’s quality through various processes so that it’ll be discovered easily by your potential customers in the search engines. Some popular search engines like Google and Bing are where you will want your website to appear. To get the maximum search visibility, we always want our website to appear on first page.

According to Moz, there are around 70% to 92% of organic search traffic clicks on the first page of Google search engine results. Subsequently, there are only less than 6% organic search traffic clicks on second page of Google. From this data, you know you definitely want to be on the big G’s first page to increases qualified leads and conversions to your business in the long term.

Organic searches close 45% and close 25% respectively. 61% organic search queries leads to high conversion rate and sales. The number of online searches used every day has increased as a result 33% the use of mobile in every day. Organic SEO can help you generate a good amount of traffic and online visibility in search engines even before the campaign has finished. Paid advertisements can only improve traffic temporarily.

Google search sample

Here’s an exercise for you: Try to type “women boots” in Google Search. Look at the organic ranking results and what do you see?

As you scroll further down the list, you will start to see search engine or organic ranking results that show more websites that sell or list the best “women boots” in the country that you are searching in.

Google CTR per rankingSource: Search Engine Journal

These are also called “Organic search results”.

Based on statistics, there are more than 25% people clicking on first position search results or SEO rankings in the search engine.

That’s a lot of potential sales and prospective customers.

By securing the positions on first page of Google or other search engines, you are ensuring the maximum potential number of organic search traffic from search engines to your website who are keen to purchase your business’ services.

That’s why in this new internet age, it is crucial for business owners to consider search engine optimization as part of your business’ digital marketing strategy.

Why do you need SEO now?

Do you know 53% of consumers research products using Google before deciding whether to buy according to Google?

There are many forms of online marketing tactics available for businesses. Some focus on social media marketing such as Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Social Media

Others put more advertising budget on Paid search or search engine marketing such as Search Ads and Display Ads.

However, the most common online marketing strategy is SEO due to its huge Return on Investment (ROI) potential and amount of leads and sales it can bring to your business.

Having a carefully designed SEO strategy ensures more people (and Google) establishes trust with your website and business. This improves your lead generation strategy as people are more inclined to purchase from your authoritative brand compared to your competitors.

If you’re not considering SEO as one of your digital marketing strategies, you will risk losing lots of organic traffic growth and potential customers to your competitors.

And if your competitors have already engaged SEO services and digital marketing agency in Singapore, they’re likely going to grow at a faster rate than your brand does.

Fortunately, Google is constantly updating their search engine algorithms to provide better and pleasant search experience for everyone.

So, it is never too late to start SEO as competitors may not be able to catch up with Google Search’s ranking changes. And if you are already on the right proper track on SEO and optimize for search engines like Google, you will likely be able to beat your competitors and rank on first page.

In Miron Digital, one of our expertise as a trusted digital marketing agency is to provide the best SEO services that work well for our clients. Our goal is to help you dominate search results effectively with our custom-tailored strategy and expertise.

How SEO works?​

SEO is never an easy task for anybody.

There are so many processes to implement and data to analyze. If done incorrectly, you may even risk being penalized by Google if their crawlers discover suspicious activities in your websites such as duplicate content, and more.

There are 2 main aspects of SEO to implement for your website:

  1. On-page optimization
  2. Off-page optimization

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO means optimizing individual sites’ pages for web-pages. SEO specialists perform thorough research into competitors, first-page ranking, internal links, competitive keywords and their search volume data. By optimizing relevant titles, tags content and URLs your site will be marked as a source of highly useful information and relevant content if it’s crawled. A good SEO agency can help you keep your marketing plans relevant. This can be accomplished by updating each stage according the latest practices in on-page SEO understanding search intent and producing content that relates your services and products with popular customer searching queries in the Singaporean and global context.

For On-page SEO, your website will undergo critical Technical SEO improvements that impacts how search engines’ crawlers view your website. In Miron Digital, our SEO experts will implement On-page SEO for your sites which includes:

  • SSL Encryption
  • HTTP to HTTPS redirects
  • Technical SEO
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Schema/structured data optimization
  • XML Sitemap and robots.txt
  • Page title and meta descriptions
  • Duplicate URLS
  • Thin and low quality content
  • Existing content audit
  • Broken links fix
  • Site hierarchy structure
  • Page speed optimization
  • Keyword research (including long-tail keywords)
  • internal links, and more

We’ll analyze your website technical audit, internal links, target audience, historical data of your site traffic and more. Depending on your website’s quality, we’ll provide certain User Experience and website design recommendations and make your website a pleasant browsing experience for your organic visitors to stay longer.

As one of the best SEO company, our dedicated SEO experts will then conduct deep extensive keyword research (including long-tail keywords), select suitable keywords, and start ranking them for your website through content marketing and optimization.

Keyword research

Our writers conduct research on your industry, creating relevant and engaging content such as blog articles, posts, infographics and more. In this stage, your website will start being noticed by searchers as they search for answers that are related to your product or services.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page optimization refers to optimizing other factors besides your site which influence your rankings in searching. Your web url profile refers to quality website links on your website. Food bloggers for instance may be linked with your website when sharing the custom cookies you made for their wedding. As a part of any service an SEO company may offer the following to its members: Request the SEO service from a company providing an overview of what services include the meaning of keywords that. In this way your team could make informed choices if they selected someone.

Offsite SEO is the key strategy that establishes and shows your website authority to search engines. Off-site SEO involves crucial elements that are not directly available on your website but are more than a link to them. A site with high-quality backlinks can help gauge the quality of their site. Search engines can grasp the fact that a large amount of relevant and authoritative sites are pointing to your page – this portrays your Domain as trustworthy and therefore improves its rank. At Miron Digital, our SEO services in Singapore and SEO staff create backlinks to help you reap the benefits of the best long term.

Our Lead SEO will analyze your brand and design a suitable link building strategy for your business. As part of Off-page optimization process, we adopt a 100% white-hat backlinking strategy for your website to gain domain authority and trust. We’ll use an arsenal of proven methods like data-driven studies, resource page, broken link, press release, directory & citations links, link reclamation and more. Once we have implemented the proper off-page SEO strategy, you’ll notice great improvement in your search rankings steadily.

Website crawl sample

With our SEO services and various digital marketing services in Singapore, we ensure your website receives the full attention and security. We’ll help you detect and fix any irregularities such as negative SEO where bad spam links are directed to your website. We monitor your websites for new “404 not found” pages and fix them so that your visitors will always have pleasant browsing experience.

Who is an SEO Content Writer?

A SEO Content writer creates original content for the search engine optimization Singapore campaign. These content pieces are optimized with the right keywords so that search engines can capture and get the website indexed in top industry searches. The written contents must also provoke no doubt joy but also lead the user to next move of selecting or asking for more information. At Miron Digital, our team of writers possess a deep knowledge about SEO writing for improved visibility on Search Engines. We are happy to provide a clear and simple means to leverage written words to influence the users to develop their own needs.

Who is an SEO Strategist?

Singapore SEO agency provides a team of SEO experts which can develop a plan that is targeted to your objectives. If you would like to improve local searches for a website we employ our top local search SEO specialists to achieve the desired result. If your website wants to be ranked globally, you may rely on our experts in SEO Singapore to find you top results in search engines.