15 Most Popular Singapore Youtubers

Days before YouTube, people in Singapore consumed video content mainly via local and international television broadcasts. Most of them were movies, dramas, news, variety shows and more. There were no such things as “unboxing”, “review”, “travel vlogs”, “reaction” types of videos from Singapore YouTubers for viewers to enjoy at their own schedule.

With YouTube’s rapid growth, it has now 2 billion monthly global users and is also Singapore’s most active social media platform. With USD 5.5 billion revenue generated through advertising, it’s a highly popular platform for Singapore youtubers to generate content and capitalize on this opportunity.

Also called “key opinion leaders (KOLs)”, we have many good Singapore youtubers such as Jianhao Tan, Wah Banana, Night owl cinematics, publishing YouTube videos that garnered them from few thousand to a few million subscribers. These video genres ranges such as comedy, makeup, interviews, beauty, hacks and more.

Top Singapore Youtubers

We have conducted extensive research on the most popular YouTube channels in Singapore, below are the best 15 Singapore Youtubers sorted by number of active subscribers!

1. JianHao Tan

Subscribers: 4.5M
Uploads: 245
Video views: 1,155,100,914
Genre: Comedy, vlogs, skits

Currently, Jianhao Tan has the most YouTube subscribers in Singapore with more than 1 billion video views. Known for his listicles videos, such as “11 new students you’ll see in every school”, Jianhao Tan’s YouTube Channel revolves mainly on secondary school’s life, gaming, comedy sketches and more.

2. Wah!Banana

Subscribers: 1.32M
Uploads: 397
Video views: 447,737,464
Genre: Comedy, skits

This quirky Singapore YouTube Channel was founded in 2012. Currently, Wah Banana publishes relatable comedy skits like “Types of people in Salon” and more. If you’re looking for videos that feature other Youtubers, Wah Banana also has “Zombie Outbreak” gaming sessions.

3. Clicknetwork

Subscribers: 1.22M
Uploads: 1,322
Video views: 384,544,467
Genre: Entertainment, beauty, hacks

Are you into reality lifestyle videos? With more than 1 million subscribers, this Singapore YouTube channel features a large variety of videos catered for fitness fanatic, beauty products review, useful home hacks, kitchen tips, and more.

4. Peggie Neo

Subscribers: 1.05M
Uploads: 561
Video views: 190,640,195
Genre: Mukbang, eating show

Peggie Neo’s YouTube channel is all about Mukbang (eating broadcast) and lots of lots of food. This YouTuber has eaten many kinds of food in front of the camera: spicy fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fries, Indomie Mi Goreng, Burgers. With more than 500 videos upload, Peggie also has a prominent social media presence.

5. Ryan Sylvia

Subscribers: 1M
Uploads: 507
Video views: 300,322,759
Genre: Comedy, lifestyle

Also known as Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), the homegrown Singaporean YouTube Channel publishes a variety of videos including comedy sketches, lifestyle videos, reality shows, travel guides, and more. Ryan Sylvia also explores popular Singapore’s food on their YouTube Channel known as Food King. They have also collaborated with notable Youtubers such as JianHao Tan, Naomi Neo, and more.

6. Rayner Teo

Subscribers: 825K
Uploads: 605
Video views: 38,423,380
Genre: Stocks, trading, finance

Wanna get rich? This Singaporean Youtuber is all about financial trading of all sorts. Rayner publishes educational videos such as price action trading, forex trading, technical analysis, and more. With over 800 thousand subscribers, the YouTuber educates retail traders and other viewers.

7. TiffwithMi

Subscribers: 656k
Uploads: 173
Video views: 82,700,240
Genre: Entertainment, beauty, unboxing

TiffwithMi is a pair of Singaporean sisters named Tiffanie Lim and Michy Lim. Being 4 years old apart from each other, these YouTubers create shopping hauls and cheap deals videos like “TaoBao haul” and “Singapore Bugis street haul”. Having a prominent YouTube and Social Media presence, TiffwithMi has worked with numerous brands such as Iuiga, Klook, Daniel Wellington, and more.

8. Ridhwan Azman

Subscribers: 626k
Uploads: 193
Video views: 95,040,986
Genre: Comedy, music covers

You may have seen him before: Ridhwan had an acting role in Jack Neo’s Ah Boys to Men movie as an army recruit in 2012 before his YouTube career a year later. With more than 600k YouTube subscribers, Ridhwan publishes videos like parodies, vlogs, comedy skits, and more.

9. Naomi Neo

Subscribers: 457K
Uploads: 88
Video views: 63,668,587
Genre: People, entertainment

Naomi Neo started her social media career as a blogger in 2011 when she was around 15 years old. Shortly after, the Singaporean YouTuber has also been publishing YouTube videos on her channel ranging from comedy skits, vlogs on her personal life and pregnancy’s journey.

10. Dee Kosh

Subscribers: 374K
Uploads: 583
Video views: 86,525,450
Genre: Interviews, entertainment

With more than 300k subscribers, Dee Kosh’s YouTube channel is all about comedic talk shows, celebrity interviews, and vlogs. He is currently managing some social media influencers such as Xinde Yap, Ben Tang, and more. In Aug 2020, the YouTuber became a trending topic for alleged sexual harassment of minors.

11. Xiaxue

Subscribers: 238K
Uploads: 116
Video views: 31,719,034
Genre: Beauty, vlogs

Started as a blogger, Wendy Cheng (also known as Xiaxue) has more than 100 YouTube videos on beauty tutorials and vlogs about her son (Dash). Known for her controversial topics, Xiaxue has become a household name that most Singaporeans know.

12. Trevmonki

Subscribers: 227K
Uploads: 492
Video views: 50,896,122
Genre: Short films

Trevor Tham founded the YouTube channel with Leonard Lau in 2013. The channel uploads videos such as short films, comedy sketches, travel vlogs, and more. Trevor also works closely with JianHao Tan’s company, Titan Digital Media, as a Creative Producer. Currently, the YouTuber has more than 200k subscribers.

13. Mongabong

Subscribers: 95.8K
Video views:
Genre: Makeup tutorial, lifestyle, travel vlog

Mongchin Yeoh (also known as Mongabong) is a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber in Singapore. Being a renowned social media influencer, Mongabong publishes video content catered mainly for Singaporeans such as makeup tutorials, skincare, beauty hacks, travel vlogs, and more.

14. Michelle Chong

Subscribers: 73.1K
Uploads: 165
Video views: 13,473,476
Genre: Comedy, skits

The multi-talented Singaporean has directed 3 commercial movies such as “3 Peas in a Pod” and more. After leaving Singapore’s broadcaster Mediacorp in 2011, Michelle started her own media agency and other projects such as publishing YouTube video content. Her YouTube videos include humorous vlogs with different personalities such as Emily, a Singaporean blogger with an accent, and more.

15. The Benzi Project

Subscribers: 64.2K
Uploads: 16
Video views: 4,264,013
Genre: Comedy, skits

A relatively new Singapore YouTube channel, Benzi project was founded by Singapore’s influencers, Benjamin Kheng, and Hirzi Zulkiflie. This dynamic and comedic duo has been generating lots of buzz with their humorous YouTube video skits and musicals such as “Unmanly Men”.

Final thoughts

With the rising popularity of Youtubers and increasing demand for video content, Singaporeans are tuning in more frequently to local Youtubers instead of the national broadcaster. We have also seen an expansion of different video genres in the platform that audiences are enjoying now.

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